Alvey Family

Eleanor Loretta Alvey, a native of St. Mary’s County, managed to earn her GED and her associate’s degree all while raising six children. She got them off to school, put in a full day’s work outside the home, went to school at night, and did her homework nights and weekends. According to her kids, she never once complained. Her perseverance modeled for her children and grandchildren that we can do anything if we work for it. Her dedication to her studies was just one expression of her work ethic. No doubt her time at CSM contributed to many of the qualities we see in her today: she is fiercely independent and self-sufficient; she is a voracious and curious reader; she is an engaged citizen, and above all, she is kind, giving, and loving. To highlight her tenacity and devotion and to remind others that if you can do all the things you have done under difficult circumstances, then they can certainly overcome whatever obstacles they have in their way as well.


Established in 2019 by the Alvey family in honor of their mother, Loretta Alvey, in support of returning adult students with at least one dependent child who reside in St. Mary’s County.