Annie Hills

Annie Hills

Jay Hills has been in the excavating industry for over 30 years. Initially Jay started out at the Technology Center doing automotive work. Jay’s love of Fords and mustangs ran deep and I still have his 1969 Boss 302 Mustang he has owned since the age of 14. Jay started working for his Dad very early in life, even when it was just starting under Larry Hills and Sons. Together, hand and hand, along with his brother they ran the business. The Hills have a very prominent, successful business that has served the tri-county area for over 50 years.
Jay took over running the business when his father retired. His love for playing in the dirt and driving huge equipment mesmerized those of us who knew nothing about it. I would always say he used excavators like I use a blender in the kitchen. He was truly amazing.

Jay was very respected in the Southern Maryland community because of his calm demeanor, attention to detail, hard work, and honesty, which made him be the best he could be but always humble and always open to learning new ideas or suggestions from customers. Jay was also a volunteer at the Second District Volunteer Fire Department for 25 years as a driver and fire man. He loved his community. Jay always gave of himself.

Everyone loved Jay Hills, I know I did, more than life. He always did the right thing, stayed humble and everything was done the best way possible and NO cutting corners. If you can take away anything from his story is just know Jay was a Hero to many – a love of his Wife, family and friends and truly dedicated to his trade and making his father proud.

“ A hero is someone who has given his life to something bigger than oneself” That’s My Love and Jay Hills.