Estate of James C. Mitchell

James C. Mitchell (1905-1959) was a consummate jurist, lawyer, newsman, publisher, gentleman, and scholar.
He would chide us for calling him a scholar, but the truth is that he possessed the most precious of scholarly and humanistic attributes. He sought knowledge and found it with ease and grace returned it to us through an unparalleled clarity of mind.
We were neighbors: he at Thainston, we at Friendly Hall, the college campus. As in all aspects of his life, Jimmy was in balance with us, and we can only hope that we are equal to the task. He would scold us for making such a fuss over him, but we would argue that it was little enough attention and a little late. He taught us the value of a strong opinion, and most of all, that er may live with laughter and poetry in our footsteps.


The James C. Mitchell Nursing Scholarship was established in 1986 in support of Nursing students.