Family and Friends of Bill Rollins

Family and Friends of Bill Rollins

Bill was employed as a Senior Academic Advisor at the College of Southern Maryland, where he took joy in meeting and speaking with all of the students. Bill celebrated his 13th year at CSM in February 2021, joining us first as a library clerk and then teaching as adjunct faculty. More recently as our career coordinator and academic advisor, Bill continued to personally touch and improve the lives of so many of our students. His influence on our students’ success is infinite. His commitment to our team, our mission, and each of us was immeasurable.

Bill loved to travel all over the world in his spare time where he immersed himself in the culture and history. He had a great love of tennis and enjoyed playing as well as being a spectator at several major matches. He enjoyed constantly learning all things and passing that knowledge on to everyone. Bill had the amazing ability to light up any room as he entered and befriend anyone he encountered. He enjoyed puzzles, escape rooms and even tried out for Jeopardy several times. He was kind, genuine, and willing to offer help when needed to anyone that would ask. He loved his job at CSM and had immense joy when students graduated and continued on to chase their dreams.


Established by family and friends in memory of Bill, this scholarship provides aid to students needing to finish their degree at CSM. This scholarship is representative of and a testimony to Bill, whose admirable qualities we seek to exemplify and emulate. It represents the perseverance to achieve a dream under challenging circumstances and the desire to experience contentment through helping others realize their potential and dreams. These amazing qualities, among many others, were the spirit of Bill.