Travel Studies Annual Scholarship

The Travel Studies Scholarship Fund will provide financial assistance for the tuition costs associated with any travel studies course offered by the College of Southern Maryland. The applicant must demonstrate financial need, possess a minimum 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in at least 9 credits during the semester or immediately preceding the travel studies course for which the award is intended. Applicants must provide at least one letter of recommendation from a former or current CSM instructor or high school teacher. Students must separately apply to participate in the Travel Study opportunity. Information on travel study can be found here.

The applicant is required to prepare and submit a follow-up report or multi-media presentation (e.g., a video or PowerPoint slide show) upon completion of the travel study, explaining how this scholarship and the travel study experience helped the recipient meet his or her educational goals. This report should be based on the student’s experiences.

Dr. Richard Siciliano
Supplemental Questions
  1. Letter of recommendation from former/current CSM or high school instructor - #1
  2. Please submit an essay of at least 100 words on how the travel experience relates to your goals at CSM.
  3. Please indicate which travel studies course you are applying for.